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The Secret Gospel

Author : Morton Smith
ISBN : 1570972036
Genre : Philosophy
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The Secret Gospel gives the first real evidence of the method by which Jesus of Nazareth initiated his disciples into the esoteric practices of his teaching, making this is a very important book for the history of humankind. In 1958, Morton Smith traveled to Jerusalem to do research in the monastery library of Mar Saba, in the Judean Desert. What he found was no routine corroboration of New Testament history, but a precious fragment of a second-century document that would change our understanding of the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth. As exciting as the most suspenseful adventure story, Professor Smith's book is a lively and readable account of the discovery and unraveling of some of Christianity's most intriguing mysteries. ??The Secret Gospel invites a wide community of readers to share in the challenge of [Professor Smith?s] discovery, and to evaluate for themselves the provocative?and fundamental?questions it raises.? from the Foreword by Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels

Beyond Belief

Author : Elaine Pagels
ISBN : 9781400079087
Genre : Religion
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In Beyond Belief, renowned religion scholar Elaine Pagels continues her groundbreaking examination of the earliest Christian texts, arguing for an ongoing assessment of faith and a questioning of religious orthodoxy. Spurred on by personal tragedy and new scholarship from an international group of researchers, Pagels returns to her investigation of the “secret” Gospel of Thomas, and breathes new life into writings once thought heretical. As she arrives at an ever-deeper conviction in her own faith, Pagels reveals how faith allows for a diversity of interpretations, and that the “rogue” voices of Christianity encourage and sustain “the recognition of the light within us all.”

The Secret Gospel Of Mark Unveiled

Author : Peter Jeffery
ISBN : 0300117604
Genre : Religion
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In 1958, Bible scholar Morton Smith announced the discovery of a sensational manuscript-a second-century letter written by St. Clement of Alexandria, who quotes an unknown, longer version of the Gospel of Mark. When Smith published the letter in 1973, he set off a firestorm of controversy that has raged ever since. Is the text authentic, or a hoax? Is Smith’s interpretation correct? Did Jesus really practice magic, or homosexuality? And if the letter is a forgery . . . why? Through close examination of the "discovered” manuscript’s text, Peter Jeffery unravels the answers to the mystery and tells the tragic tale of an estranged Episcopalian priest who forged an ancient gospel and fooled many of the best biblical scholars of his time. Jeffery shows convincingly that Smith’s Secret Gospel is steeped in anachronisms and that its construction was influenced by Oscar Wilde’s Salomé, twentieth-century misunderstandings of early Christian liturgy, and Smith’s personal struggles with Christian sexual morality.

Ancient Gospel Or Modern Forgery

Author : Tony Burke
ISBN : 9781621895190
Genre : Religion
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In 1958, American historian of religion Morton Smith made an astounding discovery in the Mar Saba monastery in Jerusalem. Copied into the back of a seventeenth-century book was a lost letter attributed to Clement of Alexandria (ca. 150-215 CE) that contained excerpts from a longer version of the Gospel of Mark written by Mark himself and circulating in Alexandria, Egypt. More than fifty years after its discovery, the origins of this Secret Gospel of Mark remain contentious. Some consider it an authentic witness to an early form of Mark, perhaps even predating canonical Mark. Some claim it is a medieval or premodern forgery created by a monastic scribe. And others argue it is a forgery created by Morton Smith himself. All these positions are addressed in the papers contained in this volume. Nine North American scholars, internationally recognized for their contributions to the study of Secret Mark, met at York University in Toronto, Canada, in April 2011 to examine recent developments in scholarship on the gospel and the letter in which it is found. Their results represent a substantial step forward in determining the origins of this mysterious and controversial text. List of Contributors: Scott G. Brown Tony Burke Stephen C. Carlson Bruce Chilton Craig A. Evans Paul Foster Charles W. Hedrick Peter Jeffery Allan J. Pantuck Marvin Meyer Hershel Shanks Pierluigi Piovanelli

Secret Gospels

Author : Marvin Meyer
ISBN : 9780567544018
Genre : Religion
File Size : 57. 18 MB
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Marvin Meyer is one of the leading experts on the secret gospels-Gospel of Thomas, Secret Gospel of Mark, and others-who has changed forever how we read the canonical gospels and understand early Christianity. In this new collection of his work, Meyer looks at these revolutionary texts in original and illuminating ways. He writes, for example, about the naked youths in the villa of the Mysteries. On the walls of a villa in Pompeii, a famous mural depicts a naked male reading from a scroll, a look of wonder on his face. A naked youth again appears in the Gospel of Mark, abandoning his garment and fleeing naked when apprehended during Jesus' arrest. A similar youth appears in the Secret Gospel of Mark. These youths, Meyer proposes, serve as an image of religious initiation, candidates for the mysteries of Dionysus or of Christ. This is one of the many aspects of the secret gospels that Meyer examines with expert insight and creativity. Topics range from gender and infancy stories to discipleship and the relationship of the Gospel of Thomas to Islamic literature. Meyer's spellbinding readings of these materials offer fresh understandings of the canonical gospels. Marvin Meyer is Griset Professor of Bible and Christian Studies, and Director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute at Chapman University, Orange, California. He is author of The Secret Teachings of Jesus: Four Gnostic Gospels and The Gospel of Thomas: The Hidden Sayings of Jesus, and co-editor of Jesus Then and Now (Trinity Press International).

The Secret Gospel Of Mark

Author : Frederick Fyvie Bruce
ISBN : UOM:39015032396411
Genre : Religion
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The Secret Gospel Of Noah

Author : Greg Badalian
ISBN : 1449020178
Genre : History
File Size : 86. 52 MB
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Noah built an Ark.... The Importance of the days of Noah, however, is overlooked and the power that can be unleashed through this story is minimized. While the secular society is tapping into the power of the rainbow covenant and the idea of an Ark of salvation, Christianity is last in line to see the true depth that can be unsealed in this amazing Bible story of epic proportions! Join Greg Badalian as he examines the key to his grandfather's legendary town of Noah, in the ancient land of Ararat, where Noah's Ark landed. For a free online edition, go to

The Secret Gospel Of Mark And The Burial Shroud Of Jesus

Author : Rev. Gaetano Salomone
ISBN : 1436369088
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62. 71 MB
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What does the so-called Secret Gospel of Mark and modern day Shroud of Turin have in common? Breaking new ground in both sindonology (the study of the Shroud) and New Testament studies, this book explores the mystery behind the lost gospel and the mysterious story of a figure wrapped in linen that it describes. When this controversial text is reinserted back into the biblical storyline, it ties together a number of complex themes that ultimately serve to reveal the burial/resurrection shroud of Jesus. Secret Mark may thus be the missing link in a long line of evidence pointing toward the Shroud of Turin's first century origin and the fallacy of the cloth and its image being a medieval forgery. Paradoxically, critical scholarship's own methods bring to light one of the central relics of Christian faith that may well be the only material artifact of the historical Jesus. Only by reading non-canonical, apocryphal scripture can the Shroud be more readily perceived in the symbolic codes of the New Testament gospel. This "director's cut" of the Gospel of Mark is sure to fascinate and enthrall anyone interested in the historical Jesus and the origins of Christianity both believers and non-believers alike.

The Secret Gospel Of Ireland

Author : James Behan
ISBN : 0985458313
Genre :
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The Secret Gospel Of Mark

Author : Robert Conner
ISBN : 1906958688
Genre : Religion
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While cataloging material in the library of the monastery of Mar Saba in 1958, Morton Smith discovered a quotation from a letter of Clement of Alexandria copied in the end pages of a 17th century collection of the letters of Ignatius. After more than a decade of collaborative analysis of the find, Smith published his conclusions in 1973, setting off a firestorm of controversy in the New Testament studies guild. In 1975, a Jesuit scholar, Quentin Quesnell, claimed the letter had been forged and implied that Smith was the forger, moving the focus of debate off the text itself and onto Smith. Since then the pages containing the letter have been removed from the book and possibly destroyed, while Catholic and evangelical writers, none of whom have ever seen the pages in question, continue to claim that Smith forged the letter. Following his death in 1991, accusations against Smith took on a considerably more personal tone, highlighting his alleged homosexuality and by implication his dishonesty and moral perversity. Although the question of authenticity remains unresolved, the controversy has opened a window on the intellectually corrupt nature of apologetic New Testament studies, a subject of greater importance than the authenticity of early Christian texts.

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